Jessica Wernick

About the Author Jessica Wernick

Growing up in Innisfil, Ontario, I've lived and breathed community media...I haven't had a choice! That's why making the move to Kapuskasing felt like moving home.After spending 2 years at Ryerson University for Business, I realized an office job just wasn't for me, so I made the big decision to start over, this time at Humber College for radio. Fast forward 2 more years, and here I am! I grew up entertaining my friends and family - I've been a figure skater for 18 years, was involved in school plays, public speaking contests, and even tried to make my television debut on Big Brother Canada (how could they not accept me?!); all of which lead me to this crazy industry, in this beautiful town.Now that I'm here, I want to make your mornings your favourite part of the day, every day!