Bring the holiday cheer to your neighborhood this year without breaking the bank. Hydro One is providing some tips on how to decorate your house and keep that hydro bill down at the same time.

The energy company says making the switch to LED lights makes a big difference. These lights use up to 80 percent less energy and can last ten times longer than old incandescent light strings. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that inflatable decorations require an electric fan to run 24-hours so try to choose free standing decorations or only run the fan at certain times.

Other things the utility company says to keep in mind is to avoid running electrical cords on the ground or under carpets and rugs. They also say that nails and tacks can damage extension cords and strings of lights so use clips or insulated staples instead and to ensure all lights, plugs, cords and sockets are CSA approved.

If the lights dim in your house when you plug in your decorations, Hydro One says the circuit is probably overloaded and could be a safety hazard. For the full list of energy savings tips click here.