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Recycling to be Picked up Roadside in Kapuskasing

Starting in the New Year, the Town of Kapuskasing will be collecting recycling at the side of the road.

CAO for the town, Yves Labelle, says the new trucks they got in are the same as the ones being used in Cochrane that collect half garbage and half recycling.

The recycling will be picked up at the road along with trash then brought to the land fill site where will be kept separately using the new recycling dome. The recycling will then be loaded up and brought to a depot in Timmins that sorts everything.

Labelle says the current recycling depot by the Sports Palace will be removed to make room for additional parking which will be important after the pool is built.

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The town understands this will be a bit of a transitioning period and information regarding where the new bins should be placed and how far away from the road they should be will be coming out shortly. Under a new by-law residents who don’t sort their garbage and recycling will be given a reminder to not forget and if it continues to be a problem fines will be handed out.

Labelle says eventually they hope to be up around 30 to 40 per cent recycling, but right now the town is only at five. The changes coming to recycling will also help extend the life of the current landfill.

More information regarding the changes to recycling in town will be released as it becomes available.

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