By 2020 is estimated Tembec’s reforesting operations will have collectively planted 400 million trees in the Gordon Cosens Forest.

Sustainability is the name of the game according to Tembec’s Planning Superintendent for Forest Operations, Kevin Del Guidice.

Del Guidice says sustainability is vital to regulating costs, keeping up with demand and keeping to harvesting within a single region for the next hundred years.

He says the areas of replanted forest which will be harvested are increasing.

Woodlands Manager for Health and Safety Ron Isaac says ever since the company was under the Spruce Falls banner it’s been planting trees, six decades before it became the law.

In the spring of 2012 Tembec celebrated 300 million trees planted in the Gordon Cosens Forest.

Del Guidice says Dan Simis and Chad McQuade lost both their lives in 2011 in reforesting operations and the milestone was dedicated to them both.

This year two planters will be celebrating one-million tree milestones.