A University of Toronto professor is coming to Kapuskasing to document its culture, language and history.

Professor Sali Tagliamonte with U-of-T says the north has extremely unique cultural traits and that’s what’s bringing her and her students to the area.

She says linguistics is more than just a study of language, it speaks to the culture of a region.

Kapuskasing is one of the oldest and northern-most communities along the Highway 11 corridor.

Tagliamonte says she’s looking for residents, both Francophone and otherwise, who were raised in Kapuskasing and the area to speak with.

She will be working out of the Ron Morel Memorial Museum and with its curator, Julie Latimer while collecting data and speaking with residents.

Tagliamonte says if you’re willing to take part in the study and tell your story you can do so through the museum located in the town’s Welcome Centre.