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Town of Hearst insurance rates going up by $40,000

Another community in our region is facing a big increase in insurance rates for its vehicles and property. The Town of Hearst could see its rates jump by $40,000 for the coming year. Mayor Roger Sigouin says the lack of companies who handle municipal insurance is a big problem. He adds that he’s unaware that the town of Kap cost cutting efforts by de-insuring many of its vehicles due lack of incidents. 

“But that‘s something we should look at,” he said. “We never thought it, but I’m going to bring it back to council for sure. It’s nice where two communities could work together and see what we could do to improve the rates of the insurance.”

That move by the town of Kap reduced its bill by nearly $31,500.

Sigouin says the province’s lack of movement to improve the safety on Northern highways is a problem.

“And I think that is why all of the rates have started to go up and municipalities pay a high price for that,” he said. “That’s why I’m saying the government should jump and look at it and do something about traffic in the north because everyone is going to pay for it. It’s not only municipalities. It’s the individual who’s going to pay the same. 

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