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Delays forces town of Kap to change resurfacing project using gas tax funding

A section of Brunetville Road in Kapuskasing will be getting fixed up in the near future. Town council is using $60,000 in the gas tax fund that was scheduled to go and help repair an area around the Devonshire and Aurora Streets to help resurface a long stretch of Brunetville Road from Brunelle Road to the former Lagoon entrance. Mayor Dave Plourde says that stretch of road is in dire need of some work.

“That section of road has been heavily travelled just due to construction on the highway and so by resurfacing the area between Brunelle Road North up to and going down Brunetville Road for as long as the money will take us is the plan,” he said.

Plourde says a switch was necessary after the town learned of delays.

“The locates would only be available to us by the end of September which is not enough time to start the project and finish it,” he said. “So what we have done is that we have decided to repurpose or send the money to another are of town that is more need at this time and doesn’t require locates.”

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There is a long waiting list of locates or officials that go to a proposed construction sites to find gas, hydro and telephone lines before work can proceed.

The officials were only projected to be available at the end of the month.

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