Town council convened at the Kapuskasing Civic Centre last night.

Fausto Rossetto from TRAK International made a presentation on the proposed Sports Palace Smart Energy Project which could potentially make the arena completely self-sufficient in terms of heating and electricity.

The installation of geo-exchange and solar power working together to power and heat the arena would work in what Rossetto called a ‘co-gen’ system. He explained that the geo and solar power working together would shore up each systems’ short comings making it efficient.

According to Douglas Blunden a builder that installs geo-thermal heating systems regularly says that the two systems used to be stand-alone but are now being integrated more often. He also says they are expensive to put in but they are reliable and energy efficient, especially with the current costs of oil and the drastic fluctuations in both oil and gas make these systems a preferred choice.

Also discussed at town council was the amendment of the by-laws regarding the ‘A-T-V legislation.’

The Province passed changes to legislation which allows the use of U-T-Vs and O-R-Vs on roads; however it’s in the hands of each individual municipality to amend their own by-laws to reflect that.

It is currently expected based on last night’s discussion that the amendments to the applicable by-laws will be amended officially in the August 10th council meeting.

Kapuskasing’s Mayor Allan Spacek says the O-P-P will make an effort to be a little more lenient until the by-laws are amended.