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Pets adopted during pandemic surrendered once owner goes back to work

Humane societies and rescue organizations everywhere have noticed a big jump in pets being surrendered, since people started going back to work following pandemic lockdowns.

Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society president Tasha Eddy says many people who took on pets while working from home were not ready for the next step.  And that caused a lot of problems.

They didn’t do proper training, perhaps, you know, leaving the dogs or animals,” she remarks. “Up in the North, we’re even seeing calls for backyard farm animals, that kind of thing.”It’s mostly dogs, however, being surrendered.  Eddy says that could have been avoided if the dog was prepared to be alone through kennel training, or leaving it alone an hour at a time.

Eddy says problems could have been avoided, with things like kennel training and short periods of leaving the pet home alone.

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“When you get a puppy and he’s with your 24/7 and then you leave him alone, just like a kid for the first time leaving him at kindergarten, they go into mass panic,” Eddy observes. “They don’t know what’s going on.”

Before you give up, Eddy hopes you reach out to a trainer or rescue group for some help. She says during the pandemic, her group lined up pet adopters with a trainer and a veterinarian, in anticipation of the current situation.

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