Safer highways and adding more doctors in the north are among the highlights of the Northern Ontario platform released by the Ontario New Democrats. Mushkegowuk-James Bay incumbent candidate Guy Bourgouin says under an NDP government, his private member’s bill for improvements to highways 11 and 17 would be passed.

“We will bring back into the government’s responsibility, the winter road maintenance,” he said. “But also what my bill was saying is that we will declare highway 11 and 17 class one.”

Bourgouin says the NDP will also make changes to the Northern Travel Grants so you won’t have to wait longer than 14 days to get your funds.

The NDP wants to recruit 300 doctors for the north and provide grants to medical students.

“A lot of these doctors are getting in debt,” he said. “They will be turning to grants so they can go get the training and come back in the north. So they can service the people in our community.”