The General Manager of the GreenFirst Forest products mill in Kapuskasing says progress is going well on both employee hiring and repairs to a second paper machine.

Pascal Champoux says the mill managed to fill about 30 of the 60 employment positions within the mill from trades to labourers.

“We’re seeing local people, also people other regions who are relocating to Kap so that’s really nice to see,” he said.

The province announced funding to help with not only the repairs to the paper machine but to train new employees for the various positions.  A job fair is scheduled for later this month.

Champoux says work on the second machine is progressing well but right now it’s one machine in production.

“That makes regular grades as well as this new grade of paper,” he said. “But with this second paper machine coming, we will be able to have one dedicated to new grades, specialty grades and the other one we will continue to run our regular newsprint grades.”