Val Rita-Harty will soon be joining its neighbours in having its own community hub. Renovations are underway to the former Ecole Ste. Rita. Economic and Community Development Officer Veronique Bergeron (Vero-nick Ber-jer-awn) says it’s unknown when construction will be complete or how soon everyone will be able to enjoy the new place due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

“So we are renovating the library and have new administration offices and we are also building this brand new community hub where people will be able to gather and socialize,” she said.

Bergeron adds the hub will be gathering place.

“There will be dart board, board games, ping pong table, pool table, even a gym and a kitchen for people to gather,” she said. “We are looking forward to have a place for young people to gather adults and the elders to have fun and get back together.”

Similar Hubs have been built in Opasatika and Moonbeam. The project is worth $287,000 with all three levels of government sharing in the costs.