Celebrations to mark Moonbeam’s 100th anniversary are underway. Each month the town is releasing a time capsule and showcasing an event. Moonbeam Mayor Nicole Fortier-Levesque says there’s even a song about the community written by Sebastien Levesque and nicknames chosen for residents.

“After receiving a bunch of suggestions council has decided that the nick names would be in French Moonbeamois and Moonbeamoises and Moonbeamers in English,” she said.

Fortier Levesque says it’s a very unique situation to have two communities of Moonbeam and Hearst mark the milestone and be separated by just an hour and a half.

“Moonbeam and Hearst have different events at different times which is very good so people can participate either here or in Hearst,” she said. “They have a choice. I am hoping to speak to the Mayor of Hearst about how we can work together on a couple of events.”

Some of the other events in Moonbeam include a display at the art gallery, a February ice fishing derby at Remi Lake, and bingo at the library. You can find out more information by heading over to Moonbeam’s website.