In-school learning begins again on Monday, and two weeks later, English public high school students in our region go back to the semester system.  That’s a four-period day, rather than the two-period quadmester system.

That raises COVID-19 concerns among parents and teachers. DSB-1 director of education Lesleigh Dye says she’s relying on health experts for guidance.

 “When they look at a two-period day compared to a four-period day,” she remarks, “the layers of protection that are in place for the two-period day will be effective in a four-period day.”

“We still want students to not be grouping together and to be limiting their contact,” Dye continues.  “But based on the health experts that I have been working with, they are comfortable with the idea of a four-period day.”

Dye also encourages self-monitoring and staying home if you’re having symptoms.

The semester system returns Monday, January 31st.