Driving on a highway that’s been closed due to weather conditions is against the law and you could be subject to fines. That’s the word from OPP Constable Julie Vienneau. She says driving on a closed highway and disobeying a road closure sign are charges you could be facing. Vienneau adds if you arrive at a closed highway, there are several options to consider.

“They either make the choice to sit in their vehicle of course keeping in mind that in Northern Ontario we have really bad storms that could last for hours,” she said. “Or the other option is to turn around and safely drive back home.”

She reminds us to refrain from calling the Police to get the latest highway information.

“We still do get phone calls at the detachment,” she said. :However, when we do get those phone calls of how long the roads will be closed for, we immediately refer motorists to verify with 511.”

Since December 1st, thirty six tickets have been issued by police to motorists.