The Sports Palace and Donat Brousseau Pool in Kapuskasing are closed until further notice. Those are the minor changes to municipal services following the province’s announcement on Monday. Administrator Guylain Baril says the remainder of the town’s services are untouched despite changes to capacity limits.

“Much like store capacity, we run our town hall here a little bit like a store,” he said. “So that’s what it is for stores right now I think they are at 50 per cent capacity. It’s very much the same thing here at our wicket we would reduce the capacity or the building department for example.”

Baril says they were anticipating the changes heading into the Christmas break.

“So this wasn’t much of a surprise,” he said. “The arena and the pool are relatively easy to close those two facilities. The focus is to utilize that staff efficiently so we’re trying to offset any overtime or work that may be required in other areas.”

Meantime in Smooth Rock Falls, Mayor Sue Perras says town hall and the arena are both closed, and staff members are working from home as much as possible. Smooth Rock Falls Town Council meetings will also stay virtual through January, while in Kapuskasing it’s expected that the next meeting will also move to an online setting.