The first winter storm in our region might have left its mark with highway closures and school bus cancellations, but town of Kap crews were ready to answer the bell. Manager of Public Works Eric Cote says there were a few new staff members that cause some delays at the beginning .

“All of our plans were in place long before the storm hit, so last night we continued on our work as regularly scheduled,” he said.

Cote adds that there is not time to sit back as another storm is set to arrive over the next few days.

“So you make sure all of the equipment is ready and you have a solid plan of how you are going to go about the plowing,” he said. “Ensure your guys are rested and able to put in the long hours and quite frankly hope for the best.”

Mixed precipitation of rain and snow is expected especially in the afternoon as the temperature rises above freezing. That’s to be followed by as much as 20 cm through Thursday.