If you thought hitting the zero active COVID-19 mark – albeit briefly – signalled that it’s okay to let our guard down, the Porcupine Health Unit lays that notion to rest.

Chief nursing officer Chantal Riopel says it is good that the incidence of new cases has been low the last few weeks. “However,” she quickly adds, “this is only a snapshot in time and it changes from day to day.”

Riopel points to the third wave that spread quickly when it arrived in the spring, even while we were under lockdown.

“We do need to remember that COVID-19 is still circulating in our region and the northeast region,” she states, noting that neighbouring health units have declared outbreaks in workplaces and schools.

Although the fourth wave hasn’t arrived here yet, the pattern has been that the waves show up here a while after other parts of Ontario.

“Just remember to follow the public health measures in place,” Riopel advises, “and to get both doses of that that COVID-19 vaccine, so that we can continue to see this positive trend in our cases across the region.”

Full vaccination reduces the risk of you getting or spreading the virus, and protects you against severe symptoms.