The centennial celebrations in the model town are slowly winding down with the Festival of Lights and the Kap 100 car draw are among the events remaining. Committee chairman Julien Boucher says some of his favourite memories from the past year are the video about Kapuskasing and Rendezvous Weekend.

“For me like the best moment was the drone show and hearing the people shouting and stuff and the kids were so happy to see it,” he said. “It was a great moment for myself for sure.”

In 2022, Hearst and Moonbeam celebrate their respective centennial birthdays. Boucher says it was a difficult year of scheduling events either virtually or online instead of in person due to the health care protocols and restrictions.

“We’re starting to get use to the restrictions and things that are happening and there’s the vaccination and stuff,” he said. “I believe for them it is going to be easier for them than us because it’s been quite a puzzle sometimes.”