The Town of Hearst is adding a special program to help protect its most vulnerable residents. Project Lifesaver will be offered by the end of the year that uses radio frequency bracelets to keep track of loved ones should they go missing. Chief Administrative Officer Yves Morrissette says it is old technology but works better than a GPS tracking system that relies on cell phone towers.

“And if you go further into the bushes, the forest you might lose the signal so GPS trackers not very reliable for our neck of the woods here,” he said. “Radio frequencies are very reliable here and that’s why we opted for that technology here.”

Morrissette says council approved $12,000 to purchase the technology.

“People will be able to purchase the bracelets for $400 apiece and a batter change every sixty days,” he said. “So there will be some costs but once the bracelet is purchased the maintenance costs should be reasonable.”

Morrissette says he isn’t sure whether the town or an organization will operate the lifesaver program, and hopes to have a decision in the coming weeks.

Hearst residents are asked to keep track of the town’s Facebook page and website regarding further information on the program and when it will begin.