Another community in our region is celebrating the centennial mark. Hearst joins Moonbeam in turning 100 next year. Director of Economic Development Stephane Lapointe says planning for the celebrations is underway and includes special monthly events plus a homecoming June 24th to July 3rd, 2022.

“Every day we have activities, we have evening social gatherings, we will have music performers, guided tours of historical sites, special golf tournaments and maybe a summer fest that’s being organized with another partner,” Lapointe said.

Lapointe says they are going to showcase several special areas that the community is known for. One of them is a Centennial Literary Series to honour authors who called Hearst home.

“So we will be working with students in schools and have them create artistic writing or poems around the history of Hearst and the centennial,” he added.

The province approved a $16,000 grant from the Francophone Community Grants Program to help with the event. Lapointe says the committee wants to work with students in schools to create poems and stories about the history of the community and the 100th birthday.