Kapuskasing’s recreation director is marking a very special occasion. Marc Clavelle is celebrating 25 years with the Town of Kapuskasing, including the last 22 years in that post. Clavelle says one of the best parts of his job is that it there is lots of variety and change.

“With all of the portfolios or the departments that I have, you know winter to summer it changes up,” he said. “It’s not monotonous, it’s never the same thing so I think that’s one thing that has kept it flying by things change every year.”

The long- time recreation director has had to follow some big shoes including Carlo Cattarello, Maurice Deschamps and Nick Rukavina. Clavelle says he learned a lot from working with Deschamps and even still catches up with Rukavina.

“He always has some words of wisdom,” he said. “To anyone that knows Nicky he always has something to say, and there’s always some words of wisdom that has helped me along the way.”

Clavelle received his 25 year pin at Kapuskasing Town Council last week.