Improvements are on the way to water meters in Kapuskasing. A project worth just over $114,500 was approved last week that will slowly update the technology. General Manager of Public Works Eric Cote says upgrades will benefit homeowners.

“Something is leaking in your house you can look at it right away,” he said. “That’s one of the big big benefits. There’s also manpower wise it’s an active system, it’s web based so our staff doesn’t have to look around to find the problem, they will be alerted to an issue right away.”

The town is adding 75 water meters replacements near the range of the tower, plus five pressure transmitters and new software.

Cote says the installation process should go pretty fast.

“So the integration phase is going to be done hopefully be done before Christmas, and we are going to start working towards that,” he said. “We are hoping to have the entire town done within the five year span.”

Cote says the new system will completely eliminate manual water meter readings.