In about two weeks, paving begins on Algonquin and St. Patrick Streets in Kapuskasing that were heavily used for detours during the connecting link construction. General Manager of Public Works Eric Cote says funding from the gas tax rebates is covering the cost of the project.

“We’re going to be removing the asphault that’s there replacing the granular, and repaving,” he said. “So, basically a brand new surface for those residents.”

Cote says the work was held off until after Government Road was completed.

“We had two schedules on there,” he said. “We had the Algonquin –St. Patrick’s project and the Cournoyer-del’Etang project and we just exchanged year to year because of the road construction on the highway.”

Cournoyer and del’Etang Streets were also used as detours during construction and got new blacktop last summer.