The mayor of Kapuskasing had shop local on his mind during a visit to the Smoky Falls Generating Station yesterday. Dave Plourde met with officials from Ontario Power Generation and Kiewit construction and toured the project that’s located about an hour north of Kapuskasing. He says there’s a lot of money being spent and wants it kept around here.

“So ensuring that we are providing services to assist that project that we can,” he said. “And I’m thinking that in the future there should be a lot more visits to Smoky Falls to make sure that they do everything they can spend as many dollars locally. And I think they are going to do that.”

He says the complexity of the project sheds light on the history of how the dam was built in the 1920s.

“With the technology and the engineering and the foresight at the time, but then B the sure massiveness of the project now and the pouring of tons of concrete and the rebar,” he said. “Just the complexity of the work that’s being done is really impressive.”

The Smoky Falls project consists of the closure of seven sluice gates and the repairing of three others. It’s expected to be completed by 2024.