The Town of Kap is eyeing Brunelle Road north as a major construction project in the future. Council approved town staff to apply for funding under the Canada Infrastructure program to fix a stretch from Government Road to the crosswalk at the Sports Palace. General Manager of Public Works Eric Cote says there’s a big stretch of what needs to be done.

“Which includes the water main, sanitary sewers storm and obviously the surface area, the asphalt and sidewalks,” he said.

Cote says the town also wants to make the crosswalk safer.

“For our residents crossing and our children crossing, because it is a hub area and so busy,” he said. “So there’s been an idea being bounced around that maybe we could install an island or some other structure to help people to have that protection zone.”

The total cost of the construction project is nearly $5 million and grants from both the federal and provincial governments could cover three quarters of the amount.