The organizer of ViePropre France Gendron says the community wide project to keep Kapuskasing clean isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. About five hundred people and families participated and collected 850 bags of garbage from clean-up throughout town this past spring. ViePropre gained the interest of local businesses in town and received nearly $3,500 in donations to hand out to people and families who were involved in the project. Gendron says the original idea for the project began rather innocently.

“One year I was with my daughter who was driving her bike and she was putting trash in her little basket in the front,” she said. “We just got the idea to throw up a challenge to other people and families (on social media) to go and do a clean-up around town. We wanted everyone to enjoy it as much as my family did as an activity.”

Gendron says her daughter named the project Vie Propre because her daughter told her that she wants to live in a clean life.

Gendron says it’s easy to join ViePropre by visiting their Facebook page and then during the spring share a photo of your family picking up trash and making the town look great.