Provincial transportation minister Caroline Mulroney continued her tour of the north today with stops in Kapuskasing and in Hearst.

When town of Kap officials have asked for funding to fix up roads and bridges, the Ministry of Transportation has certainly listened. In fact, today’s announcement regarding Government Road is one of three separate sets of funding that have come the town’s way. A second is for the bridges west of Kap, and the third is to finish off the stretch of Government Road east towards the Service Master location. That third project won’t start until next year.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have the ear of government,” Kapuskasing Mayor Dave Plourde said. “This government especially anytime we have asked to meet with them they’ve always been there to hear our plight. And they stepped up to the plate and answered it.”

(Photos by Denis J. Puska)

When Mayor Plourde was asked about what’s next for funding. He hinted that even though he didn’t want to put Minister Caroline Mulroney on the spot, his town wants a bit more funding.

“What I think it’s pretty obvious that there’s two kilometres of roadway that still needs to happen so we are hoping that will continue as it as just over the past three years that they’ve been coming,” he said.

Municipal officials are thrilled with the progress of two of the construction projects. The stretch on Government Road is proceeding on time, while the construction of the two bridges west of town is ahead of schedule.