A new type of recyclable paper developed at the mill in Kapuskasing is catching on in businesses including restaurants. Rayonier Advanced Materials general manager Pascal Champoux says the brown specialty paper can be used as a sandwich bag or wrapper or by companies to ship products. He adds that the paper had to be developed much quicker because of problems within the newsprint industry.

“In the last few months of 2020, the team really worked hard to make it happen and we are very proud in 2021 to be able to produce it,” he said. “We are getting more and more orders every month and that’s a very good sign for us.”

Photo supplied by Rayonier – Pascal Champoux.

He adds that local residents will get to see the paper first hand in the near future.

“We will be distributing by mail a sample bags of the brown paper produced here in our town,” he said. “And there will also be a message on the bag about recruiting to invite people for a job here at the mill.”

The mill is looking to hire up to 20 people for various positions in the mill.

The employees who produced the specialty paper were recognized company-wide for their hard work and presented recently with the Rayonier President’s award.

Here is a link to the product and the information.