Environment Canada is hopeful of dropping a smoke advisory for our area by sometime Tuesday.

Meteorologist Gerald Cheng says the brown-looking sky and colourful sunsets are caused by forest fires in Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba, as far away as that seems.

“That smoke is carried by the wind eastward towards Northeastern Ontario and that’s why we’re seeing the hazy sky and we could smell it, too,” he explains.

A cold front is expected to switch the wind direction, so that the smoke is carried southward out of the region.

Cheng says forecasters will continue to keep an eye on the smoke.

“We have to monitor how that smoke will be carried the next few days when wind directions can change again,” he notes, “and it could be carried back into the area.”

While the air quality is poor, Cheng urges caution and a take-it-easy approach to outdoor exercise, especially for anyone with respiratory issues.