There’s not a lot of difference between Step 1 of COVID-19 reopening and Step 2, as much as it’s a loosening of several restrictions that remain in place. Step 2 arrives at 12:01am Wednesday.

Mask use is a given.  Stores are being allowed to have a few more people inside, and personal care services can operate as long as masks are used.  So, get in line for a haircut.

Porcupine Health Unit medical officer of health Dr. Lianne Catton says outdoor gatherings can have ten people — indoors, five people.

“We know in general outdoors has less risk than being indoors,” she observes. “We know that masking and distancing need to stay in place for some time yet, but we’re getting there.”

One big reason for that is our kids.

“We know our kids, our younger kids are not able to be vaccinated yet,” Catton says. “And so all of these measures – getting vaccinated , taking the precautions wherever we are, will protect them as we go forward.”