The makeover of town hall in Kapuskasing is progressing well. New steps and railing have been added to the front of the building, and Town Administrator Guylain Baril is hopeful the steps and entrance at the side of the building can be repaired. He adds that the work to the front has been long overdue.

“That whole area was in dire need of repairs,” he said. “We had a few unfortunates slips and falls on those stairs because the nosing of the stairs was getting round. But now we have very safe and secure stairs. On top of that they look just gorgeous.”

Baril says there is a second phase to the renovations where council will have to decide of how to proceed with the exterior of the building.

“The brick and cement between the bricks as a fairly high percentage that needs to be pointed or retouched,” he said. “And we also need to do some repairs to the foundation, so in some areas we have seen water infiltration in the basement. We need to dig out the foundation and reseal the surfaces so water doesn’t get in.”

Work crews are fixing the public library roof as well as interior due water damage.  Baril says the library’s roof is still fairly new but an insulation problem developed. The Library was closed this week due to the repairs, but is reopening today for curbside pick-up.