Kapuskasing is getting a $5,000 grant from the province to help with the ongoing legalization of Cannabis. The money can be used in a number of areas including increase by-law enforcement, and response to public inquiries. Mayor Dave Plourde says everything has been going smoothly since the first pot store opened on The Circle.

“No there hasn`t been much in the way of complaints or pushback from residents or anything like that,” Plourde said. “It`s been so far pretty smooth so we will see where that takes us.”

Plourde says the town will look at what different ways they can use the ongoing funding.

“The money that has been sent on that so far is around what zones are permitted and just the paperwork that needs to happen to allow the sale of cannabis in our community,” he said. “You know $5,000 is not a lot, although it`s great to get.”

Public consultation concluded at the end of last month for Pop`s Cannabis Company to become a second cannabis store in community. The application process by the proposed new outlet could take up to a year to complete.

The proposed store would be located near the Mall on Brunetville Road.