It`s going to be a busy summer for Town of Kap crews with beautification projects. A total of six are expected to be completed and Recreation Director Marc Clavelle says the goal is to beautify areas of town that have been neglected. One area that`s headed for an improvement is the popular boat launch at the Kapuskasing River.

“We`re going to yank out some trees, and replant some new ones,” he said.  “We`re going to level it, so it will help us maintain it stead of going through that rock. We are looking at putting a couple of picnic tables out there as well.”

Clavelle says one area they want to continue working on is mini park near the McPherson and Mill entrance and fix up and install new fencing guarding the river.

“It`s a real hazard where you can climb under the fence and get on the rocks,” he said. “So we`re gonna reseal that up properly with a section of fence that makes its safe.”

Clean-up continues along highway 11 west towards the cemetery with the removal of dead trees and old power lines.

Council is also going to study the future of the old Val Albert Ball Park and whether to turn it into a dog park. A report is expected back in the near future.