A motion by Mushkegowuk–James Bay MPP Guy Bourgouin to help the trucking industry in the region goes to debate at Queen’s Park tonight. Bourgouin is calling on the Ford Government to develop a strategy regarding issues facing small independent truckers including rising insurance costs. The New Democrat MPP says the time is now to save an industry vital to the north.

“We use to have a lot of people buying trucks and getting into the business,” he said. “How do we attract new owner operators, or new employers or new businessmen that are interested in developing a trucking company as owner operators?” How do you attract them, and it`s hurting the industry.”

Debbie Paquin of Hearst`s Claude Laflamme trucking says many young drivers are going elsewhere to work in the industry.

“But we don`t want them to go for a fleet,” she said. “We have our own trucks we want to be able to show them out it works and it`s the best way to have them on our team instead of on a fleet.”