The Model Town could be joining other communities like Timmins in having its own dog park. Kap Town Council will study whether to turn the old Val Albert Ball Park into a place for your four legged friends. Recreation Director Marc Clavelle outlined a plan during Monday’s council meeting that includes using what’s already at the long time ball diamond.

“There is fencing right around a few gates to close off,” Clavelle reported. “But would this be something that would be of interest to council to look at? We would need a closer following of the rules such as going to the neighbours, proper signage and even liability.”

Clavelle says the town wants to get it right this time with proper consultation.

“But we almost had one in the Dominion Playground few years back,” he said. “We had fenced to do that, but when we went out to the residents we probably didn’t do it properly in surveying the area. So it got squashed.”

The old ball park has not been used in several years and Clavelle added that the three parks at the Carlo Cattarello Sports Complex have been sufficient.

Timmins has its own dog park, but it’s run by a group of volunteers and not by the city.