The Town of Kap finds itself in an envious position of receiving not one but two connecting link grants inside of one year. First it was to repair a stretch of Government Road from LaSalle to Gurney Road and now a $3 million grant will go towards the final stretch to the Service Master business location. Town Administrator Guylain Baril says even though it means more construction in the area, the benefits outweigh the negatives of having two projects ongoing at the same time.

“Now we are lucky enough to have two of them,” he said. “I think we need to be patient with that construction and take it I guess. We can benefit from nicer highways after that.”

Baril says the town wants this project completed a bit differently than the others.

“All in the same summer as opposed to how most of these projects have been done lately which is start in one summer and finish in the another one,” he said.

An early estimate puts the project at $7.13 million with the grant covering $3 million and the town on the hook for the rest.