The Member of Parliament for our region says the loss of the midwife program at Laurentian University in Sudbury is big blow to the north. Algoma-Manitoulin Kapuskasing MP Carol Hughes raised the issue in the House of Commons after the program was cut by the University under the Federal companies creditor arrangement act.

“The CCAA was never intended for public institutions and these cuts to healthcare courses limits opportunities in the north for Indigenous, francophone and racialized students, and reduces access to services women rely on. We must act now.”

Hughes says the north has struggled to find doctors and the midwife program helps to ease the pressure while offering a benefit to indigenous students who return to their home communities to provide the service.

She adds that cutting the program will make hospitals busier and increase healthcare costs.

“As we work through the pandemic to protect health care workers and hospital resources, cancelling programs that help women safely give birth at home makes little sense,” she said. “This decision will cost the public more as fewer midwifes are available for the north and across Ontario, and more doctors are needed to deliver babies.”