One of the unique ways that the model town’s 100th birthday is being remembered is through a commemorative book. Coordinator Chantal Guillemette says the book was inspired from some photos she saw.

“Picture of the early settlement of Kapuskasing and a picture taken today,” Guillemette said. “So we could show the contrast of what it looked like at the beginning and what it looks like today.”

The hardcover book features several 100 pages of photos. Guillemette says the plan was to make it more of a photographic book instead of a written history.

Guillemette hopes the book will be a great conversation starter.

“An opportunity that they could sit down with somebody that may recognize a photograph or somebody in a photograph, and that people continue to share the stories of the book with each other,” she said.

To learn more about the book and to get your copy visit the Kap 100’s website.