The first full week of the third provincial lockdown is underway. Municipal buildings in Kapuskasing are closed and services are being offered by town staff remotely. Town Administrator Guylain Baril says there isn’t much change for them from the last lockdown, with the exception of the Sports Palace.

“So we were trying to hold on till the end of the season with the arena,” he said. “We were trying to be open until the end of April and we’ve had to curtail that by a month. It has been shutdown for about a better part of a week and the guys are cleaning up the ice pad.”

Baril says that one per cent tax increase will offset the loss of money in town coffers and not the increase in costs.

“We would normally get revenue from places like the arena and the pool, parking meters for example because they are more busy when the stores are open,” he said. “So there are different sources of revenue that the town doesn’t see that really affects the bottom line.”