The long-awaited official launch of Kapuskasing’s 100th anniversary is just a couple of days away. The virtual social media event takes place Thursday at 6:30 on the Kap 100’s Facebook page. That’s the same day Kapuskasing was incorporated as a town. Committee Chairman Julien Boucher says going virtual was the furthest from the committee’s mind when first planning for the anniversary.

“It will end up being a great legacy or a great souvenir that people are going to be able to watch five, 10 even 20 years from now,” he said.

Boucher adds not only does the event include a photo exhibit, but special messages from a variety of dignitaries from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Premier Doug Ford.

“The main part of the evening is a documentary our leaders through time where we will have interviews with past and present mayors and a bit of history from the beginning of Kapuskasing until now,” he reported.