Not even Science North can slay the COVID-19 dragon.

It’s had to cancel its summer science camp in Hearst this summer.  And staff scientist Josée Bertand Houle lays the blame squarely on the pandemic.

“We’re still kind of working under that assumption that we’re still going to be under the COVID influences,” she outlines. “So we’ve had to isolate by cohort and the size of our groups is a little bit affected, too.”

Bertand Houle says the precautions are to protect campers and staff at the handful of places that will have a weeklong day camp.

“We wish we could be in the 35 communities that we were a few years ago, pre-pandemic.  We’re looking forward to or hoping that in 2022 we’ll be able to make our typical summer schedule.”

Timmins is among the small number of communities that will have science camp this summer.