The New Democrat MPP for Mushkegowuk James Bay says he is disappointed in yesterday’s provincial budget that there isn’t much money for Northern Ontario. Guy Bourgouin says even though the money promised for broadband by the province is terrific, he just hopes no community is left behind when the project is carried out.

“We have seen with natural gas for example where some places didn’t get natural gas so we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes for broadband,” he said. “The government says it’s going to connect the whole province then that means the whole province and not leave anyone behind.”

He adds there was a proposal in place for sixty more bed in Kapuskasing, but it wasn’t considered.

“The clock is ticking, and yet a whole bunch of money for long term care homes was just announced,” he said. “We had the crisis in our community, and yet in this budget there is no money for a new home, additional beds in Kapuskasing. Of course, I intend the address that.”