An Assisted Living program has begun at Sensenbrenner Hospital in Kapuskasing thanks to a $450,000 grant from the Ministry of Health. Assistant Administrator Chantal Boyer-Brochu says it has has 15 fully furnished apartments at the Jody Blais Residence near the hospital that are all expected to be rented in the coming weeks.

“People that need some assistance and waiting for long term care, but they really don’t belong in the hospital setting,” she said. “They still need some assistance in daily tasks. PSW and Compassionate Workers are in the building for them all day.”

Boyer-Brochu says there’s been a need for this type of housing since 2008 in the community because there wasn’t anything in between. She adds that some of the residents are overwhelmed with the new surroundings.

“Telling us how nice it was and how happy and comfortable they are,” she said. “We have some residents that had never had a nice home like that. Some were ecstatic because of everything that they had in that apartment.”