You’ve no doubt heard someone say the last couple days that we’re going to pay for the mild weather.  That could happen tonight.

Environment Canada meteorologist Peter Kimbell says he’s concerned about a cold front barrelling eastward this evening, quickly dropping the temperature below zero.

“Kapuskasing for sure will turn to freezing rain or snow, more likely snow or maybe freezing rain then snow then ice pellets,” he predicts. “So a mix of everything and temperatures will be completely below zero everywhere.”

Be careful on the road.  All that water that’s already there, combined with what’s predicted, will make for slippery conditions.

“Particularly this evening and especially over the northern areas: Moonbeam, Smooth Rock Falls, Kapuskasing  for sure.”

South of there—basically along Highway 101 through Timmins – might not drop below freezing.

Kimball adds that even if the thermometer is above zero tomorrow, we’ll definitely plunge back into winter tomorrow night.