A new welcome will be built in Kapuskasing. Town staff is studying various types of signage to consider and specific locations. Administrator Guylain Baril says the current bear sign has to be replaced.

“The old chamber of commerce building, the log home that is sitting on that corner has been sold so belongs to someone and not the town of Kap so I guess we would have to work with the new owner to dismantle what we have there now the bear and the Kapuskasing sign,” he said.

Baril says one area proposed for the sign is near the golf club parking lot and practice green.

“That would give a vantage point to both sides,” he said. “I mean it would be sitting on higher ground and would also offer place for parking if someone wanted to stop by and take a picture with the sign.”

No funding has been approved for the sign or timetable on when it would be built. Baril adds that it doesn’t mean federal or provincial government grants couldn’t be explored to help with some of the costs.

Some on social media had suggested the town use the former sign that sat on the circle for many years but it failed to make the final list.