It appears an online 50-50 draw for the Sensenbrenner Hospital Foundation is still several months away. Coordinator Mireille Dubosq says the foundation continues to finalize the books for the first year as part of the application process.

“This is a huge project to undertake. We’re hoping and that’s being realistic to roll out in the summer time.”

Dubosq says two recent Rotary Club Bay Dip Challenge participants raised over $1,600 to get then just $40,000 away from the target of $150,000 to help with the purchase of a new mammography machine.

“So we are creeping towards our goal, slowly,” she said. “Our goal is to actually stop approaching businesses for a while and try to do different types of fundraising. We want to give those businesses a little break because COVID has been hard on a lot of them. “

Other fundraising alternatives include a golf tournament in the summer and that online 50-50 draw.