You could be seeing changes to the water meter heads if Kap Town Council agrees to a $1.4 million project. It’s one of several projects town council will be considering to use on a government grant they’ve received. Administrator Guylain Baril says the state-of-the-art technology would save a lot of water and costs.

“The meter heads would be replaced with radio transmitting water meter heads that would be picked up by transmitters in town locations like the water town for example,” he said.

He adds that the new equipment keeps track not only of residential use and consumption, but when there is a water main break.

“Everyone once and a while we have water breaks and sometimes it takes us a while to find it,” he said. “Especially in the winter when everything is covered in snow you may not see visible water anywhere so it takes a while to find.”

Baril says the town had a significant water main break on Godin Street that took them a while to find because it was at a dead end. He adds that the new project would give them pressure readings throughout the town and alert them of problems. The town would have to contribute an additional $700,000 to the project if they accept it.