The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t put a damper on the 2nd Kapuskasing Rotary Club Bay Dip Challenge on Saturday. In fact organizers were able to raise $31,000 which is $7,000 more than last year. Committee Chairman Don McInnis says 19 different charities will be benefited.

“Some charities had multiple jumpers so I think it will help them out,” he said. “In this pandemic a lot of smaller charities and non-profits didn’t have the means to raise money for themselves.”

McInnis says the true heroes on the day were the participants.

“It was frigid, the wind was blowing, it was cold,” he reported. “And these jumpers came out and raised pledges for different charities and weathered the cold, boy. We had a few frost bitten fingers and sore knees and what not but it was just incredible.”

Due to public health protocols only 10 people were allowed at the Kapuskasing River Bay area including the participant and two supporters.