Kap Town council has a dilemma of how to spend a nearly $700,000 grant from the province they got in 2019. Town Administrator Guylain Baril says a report is due back in a few weeks detailing the best use the money either one big project or several smaller ones.

“Like the payment method for example be convenient to have some other payment method, so people don’t have to come in person here at the Civic Centre to do certain payments,” he said. “So that one and video conferencing same thing – we’ve been using a lot of video conferencing tools.”

One project up for consideration is a water meter replacement plan. It’s valued at nearly $1.4 million which would use up the entire grant plus an additional $700,000 the town would have to kick in. Council has just started its budget process for this year. Baril says any extra money that’s available to use along with this grant on projects must be included in the final budget.

He adds that they had been putting off a decision until they could find the right project but that’s changed.

“But what may accelerate it is that is we just recently found out that we are not eligible to apply for another grant similar modernization fund grant because we haven’t spent money from the first one,” he said.